Seniorenzentrum Rohrbach


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In October 2017, the first residents moved into the newly built Sunnehof Seniors’ Centre
in Rohrbach, Switzerland.
From the architecture to the division of tasks within the housekeeping team to the cleaning, the Sunnehof is breaking new ground. What makes daily cleaning easier is cleaning with granules from Wetrok.

The façade in warm spruce wood tones conveys a cosy chalet atmosphere, floor-to-ceiling windows allow a fantastic view of the gardens and the ringing of cowbells can be heard in the distance – the newly built senior citizens’ centre in Rohrbach near Bern is truly inviting. It consists of a main building with 20 single rooms and a cafeteria as well as two detached buildings with rental housing and condominiums. The apartment owners may in the future receive services from the centre. From collective gym lessons, to reading stories, to walking expeditions, there are all kinds of daily activities for interested residents. What distinguishes the care in the Rohrbach Senior Centre from other institutions: With only 20 residents, the contact is informal and the employees know the life stories and individual qualities of every resident.

Wetrok brings the necessary cleaning expertise
With this building, investor Bonainvest has set new standards for innovative retirement living space. They also operate another institution in central Switzerland, which has already been cleaned by Wetrok machines and products for a number of years. In Rohrbach, it was also clear that they would rely on the expertise of Wetrok, the Swiss specialist in professional facility cleaning.

Job rotation in the cleaning team
Serving, cleaning or support – the housekeeping team is always on hand. Jael Weyermann, Head of Housekeeping, explains how the five-person team is organized: “Every week, a different employee is responsible for cleaning, laundry, support or kitchen assistance. This makes our work varied and in the case of absences, the work of other employees can be effortlessly taken over”. For maintenance cleaning, the parquet, ceramic and stone floors are dust-binding mopped with Masslinn disposable cloths to remove the loose dirt. At least once a week, there is a wet mopping with soaked mops or a machine cleaning by scrubber-drier. Touch points such as door handles are kept hygienically clean with the manual Wetrok foam cleaning.

Wetrok Granuline: small, light and safe
For Jael Weyermann, the following factors are decisive for a cleaning agent: maximum hygiene, low space requirements and environmentally friendly dosing. No product meets these requirements more specifically than the new Wetrok Granuline. These are granules, which are packed in small bags. Single portions make the application easier than ever: Open granule sachets, dissolve in cold water and the detergent is ready to go. “The bags do not take up much space in the warehouse, we no longer have to carry canisters, or return containers and nothing is spilled during filling. In addition, thanks to the individual bags, I always have an overview of our consumption,” says Weyermann, summing up how much more simple Granuline makes cleaning. Being used to liquid detergents, some employees were critical of introducing the granules. But the doubts quickly turned into enthusiasm. “The employees were surprised at how logical and simple the use of granules is for their routines. Because we only have one central cleaning room in the basement, easy transport is particularly appreciated,” explains Weyermann. Granuline is pointing the way to a new age of cleaning, which is, above all, easy. For this reason, the Wetrok Granuline was awarded a prize for innovation.

New styles of living also call for new solutions in internal processes. The Rohrbach Senior Centre is an example of how each sub-area can be adapted and developed to meet ever-changing needs.

This is how manual Wetrok foam cleaning works
Fill the foam bottle with water and granules, shake it and distribute the foam that forms when the bottle is squeezed in a cross shape on a microfibre cloth. Ready to go – no spray particles in the air, no wringing out of the cloth and no heavy water bucket.