SmartCar Combi Advance


Item-No.: 80819

SmartCar Combi Advance
The ideal trolly for maintenance cleaning and wet mopping with a flat wringer.


  • 1 x Flat wringer, stainless steel (item no. 80038)
  • 1 x Support for flat wringer (item no. 81736)
  • 1 x Bag holder S, 110-litres (item no. 81708)
  • 100 mm Ø swivel castors

The advantages of Wetrok SmartCar

  • Optimum use of space
  • All materials constantly at hand
  • Extremely sturdy, yet light
  • Small and manoeuvrable
  • Extendable in a modular way to meet your requirements
  • All elements easily adjustable

WetBox System
With the practical wet box, mops can be precisely moistened for a specific cleaning requirements (e.g. maintenance cleaning, deep cleaning) before every cleaning round. Minimal use of water and cleaning agents reduces costs and protects the environment.

Flexible working height
6, 8- or 17-litre buckets can be flexibly placed on the top shelf, hung on or recessed into the trolley. The working height can thus be varied between 96 cm and a maximum of 112 cm.

Wet-mop units
Entire wet-mop units can be attached to the SmartCar. Wetrok Socar K15 or K30 are hooked up to the appropriate coupling in no time and just as easily unhooked and ready for use.

These can be used as trays or as drawers. All elements are easily adjustable to fit individual size and placement requirements.

Multi-functional hook rail
All sorts of tools such as feather dusters, sponge mops and even the vacuum cleaner hose can be stored here quickly and securely.

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